The highlighted and interesting topics were on MEDSIP Research group, Simultaneous Magnetic Resonance Emission Tomography (SMRET, iMinds Flanders), Imaging modalities, PET high resolution detectors for small animal brain, Ongoing projects with Flemish, European and US partners. Expectations from India platform regarding Biomedical Engineering Master for non-European students, Internship for UG students, Exchange with institutes in medical imaging and neuroscience.

We were even enlightened with BCI (Brain Computer Interface) and its applications, EEG source imaging, Epilepsy, Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) is an effective anti-epileptic treatment for temporal lobe epilepsy (TLE), About 25% non-responders to this expensive and invasive therapy, Working mechanism behind DBS and optimal DBS parameters are largely unknown limiting clinical efficacy and Necessity of investigation of the effect of DBS on a whole-brain level by means of functional imaging techniques.



Prof. Dr. Stefaan Vandenberghe:

{Senior Professor Medical Signal Processing Group (MEDSIP) University of Ghent, Belguium}

Stefaan Vandenberghe obtained his MSc in Physics in 1996 and an additional degree in Biomedical Engineering in 1997 from KU Leuven. He worked in Nuclear medicine department of the University Hospital Ghent (1997-1999). He started a Ph.D. in the MEDSIP group of the University of Ghent. His research was on the optimal configuration of gamma cameras for PET systems. He received a Ph.D (Engineering) from this University in 2002. During his FWO postdoctoral research he worked on rotating slat systems Monte Carlo simulations and natural pixel reconstruction. At UGent since October 2007 and leads the MEDSIP research group since 2008. He co-authored about 80 scientific journal papers and is co-inventor of four patents. He is currently associate editor of IEEE Transaction on Nuclear Science and involved in the organization of conferences and workshop on PET-MR and PECT-MR.


Dr. Ir. Pieter van Mierlo:

{Medical Signal Processing Group (MEDSIP) University Ghet, Belgium}

Pieter van Mierlo obtained his Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Ghent University, Belgium in 2005, He obtained his Master of Science in Electrical Engineering in 2008 from Ghent University,Belgium and he obtained his PhD in Biomedical Engineering in 2013 from Ghent University, Belgium. At present he is Post-doctoral Researcher and Research Manager (Department of Medical IT/ iMinds/Flanders) at Belgium. He received a scholarship of MARIE-CURRIE post-doctoral fellowship from 2008-2018 and Personal PhD Scholarship from IWT/Flanders/Belgium 2010-2013. He received awards of Award for Student paper competition in 2011 and Won the iBoot camp at 2014. He has done many abroad among them one is research on Bruker MR course for using small animal MRI scanner, Ettlingen, Germany in 2012.



We are thankful for such a wonderful talk. And get a new platform to learn about the present advancement in Biomedical field and the ongoing research.