The IEEE EMB Student Chapter of M.S. Ramaiah Institute of Technology conducted a ‘Three days Foundation Course of Image Processing: Concepts to real-time applications’, from 09-11th October 2015 at MSRIT, Bangalore. The objective of this workshop was to provide strong foundation in the field of image processing by providing an insight on image processing with mathematical foundation followed by hands on session.  The objective of the workshop attracted many participants, both faculties and research students in a good number attending from different parts of the state such as  Bidar, Tumkur.

The details of the various topics covered and insights provided during the course of the workshop are as follows.


Theory and Lab Session [Theme: Foundation of Image Processing]

The workshop on Day1 was conducted by Dr. Kumar Rajamani, Architect at Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions Ltd.

Key Points on Day1

  • Introduction to image processing,
  • Definition of pixel, image
  • Operations on image
  • Installation of SDC morphology tool box
  • Execution of demos in SDC morphology toolbox

Of the image processing operations, image enhancement was covered in detail. This included different techniques of image enhancement in the spatial domain such as histogram equalization.  This included execution of demos  available in Matlab with a step by step analysis of the different commands. Code segments were executed on Matlab by changing various parameters in the commands and analyzing how the output was influenced by the parameters.

The participants were introduced to a vast set of resources available online on image processing including  various demos.



The session was handled by two resource persons, Dr. Kumar Rajamani and Vijay Ghorpade.

Topics covered

  • Frequency domain processing —Introduction to Fourier Transform, Wavelet transform                                        Segmentation
  • Morphology operations
  • Dilation
  • Erosion
  • Open operation
  • Close operation
  • Boundary extraction
  • Hole filling
  • Morphology operations were demonstrated with examples and the meaning of the set theory equations were explained.

DAY  3

The session was Vijaya Saradhi Gannavaram, Manager Data Scientist at Symphony Teleca) Bengaluru

The session focused on the mathematical concepts of image processing.

This included concepts in

  • Linear Algebra
  • Regression
  • Matrices & properties
  • Transforms
  • Representation of image as a matrix
  • Concepts of Eigen vector and Eigen value
  • Dimensionality reduction
  • Introduction to RStudio for statistical computing and graphics This involved Installation of the software followed by execution of few examples.
  • Practical application of Dimensionality Reduction, Principal Component Analysis. (PCA) was discussed in detail.









The workshop provided a good foundation of the various operations that could be carried out on an image. The hands on session gave a practical expertise of how these operations are carried out. The mathematical concepts gave an insight into the actual operations being carried out and the meaning of the various equations. Overall the workshop gave a practical exposure on how the basic concepts in image processing that are commonly used are actually carried out.