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5th  February, 2016

The IEEE EMBS MSRIT chapter,IEEE EMBS Bangalore chapter in association with M.S.Ramaiah Institute of Technology (MSRIT),Bangalore ,organised a seminar on biosensors and photonic crystal based devices which was held on 5th of February, 2016 at the LHC seminar hall,MSRIT campus.


The audience

The seminar was open for all the students from various engineering disciplines.The speakers for the day were Mrs.Supriya Babu and Mr. T Srinivasalu.

The seminar started with the talk by Mrs.Supriya Babu.She is a lecturer and a research scholar with the field of research being bioMEMS,biosensors, bio feedback and low level laser therapy.

She gave a brief introduction about  biosensors and  its applications. In her presentation, she described about the various parts of a bio sensor like bio receptors, transducer and their working in brief.  She also enlightened the students with the biosensors market which would be worth 22.59$ billion by 2020 and its latest applications.She concluded her talk by highlighting the multi functional biochip system,implantable devices and nanosensors.


Talk on biosensors

The next speaker was Mr.T sreenivasalu,assistant professor at GITAM university, vishakapatnam. He is currently pursuing phD in department of  ECE ,IISc. He has published his papers based on sensors and communication devices in  several journals and  international conferences.

In his talk he highlighted the concepts of photonic crystal devices which are mainly used for sensing purposes.  He spoke about the photonic crystals in all 3 dimensions. In his presentation, he described about the photonic crystal by comparing it with the semiconductor analogy and showed the design of micro cantilever,PC slab devices and ring resonators.He explained various characteristic features of a photonic cell like force sensor characteristics, principle of operation and optical characteristics. He concluded his talk by giving us a brief insight on the research being done in IISc on microcantilevers and fabrication of PC based on ring resonator.



Talk on photonic crystals

The seminar was successful in providing the students with sufficient knowledge about the bio sensors, photonic cells and the latest technologies that have come up in this field.


As a group