The IEEE EMB MSRIT student chapter in association with MEDIPULSE organized a talk by Dr.Pandian on 24th September, 2016 at the MSRIT campus, LHC seminar hall.

Dr.Pandian has twenty years of experience as a scientist in Defence Research and Defence Organization. His areas of specialization are biomedical instrumentation, optical imaging, telemedicine and networking, biomedical sensors, biomedical signal processing, wearable physiological monitoring systems, wireless body area network, VLSI, embedded systems, electronic warfare and project management.

The talk was about the scope for biomedical engineers. He spoke about the upcoming issues in the field of biomedical engineering, public health categories and challenges to interdisciplinary research.


He also focused on the future of healthcare diagnostics. This included the benefits of MEMS and Nanotechnology in the field of Medicine. We were then enlightened with the knowledge about fabrication of gene chip, targeted drug delivery, stem cell research, and wearable monitoring system.


Dr.Pandian also highlighted the importance of telemedicine. He explained to us about different imaging processes like optical imaging techniques and laser tissue interactions.

Thus the session was successful in providing information about the current issues in the field of biomedical engineering.