Special Interactive session with Dr.Daya Prasad Kulkarni on 3D-Printers,25th July

The IEEE EMB MSRIT student chapter and the IEEE SIGHT chapterorganized a special interactive session with Dr,Daya Prasad Kulkarni, founder and director, AarogyaSeva

The session was open to the IEEE EMB student members. The talk was on:

  • Tech for Health
  • Categorizing the health problems based on the needs, complexity and speciality of the treatment
  • Case Study 1: Prosthetic devices using 3D printers
  • Case Study 2: Digital Stethoscope
  • Opportunity for interning at AarogyaSeva


The important points covered were:

  • The solution to the health problems which is in the form of technology should be user friendly and should be cost effective
  • The prosthetic limb was developed with the help of about 1000 volunteers using 3D printers which was mechanically motorized.
  • The terminal devices for the prosthetics were made based on the need, for instance, holding a card or for pedaling a cycle.
  • Digital Stethoscope was designed to detect the congenital heart diseases and abnormal heart sounds. The sound is amplified and reaches the ears of doctor. Sometimes due to external disturbances, sound goes undetected.
  • Creating cost effective devices for the people in need regardless of funding availability

Internships were offered so that the students get to interact with the rural population and visit the PHC’s and thus develop a problem statement.

The session gave ample opportunities to the students to work with 3D-printers and to get internship at AarogyaSeva.