Lecture Program On Signal Processing For Atrial Fibrillation Source Detection


20th NOVEMBER, 2014


The IEEE EMBS MSRIT Chapter, IEEE EMBS Bangalore Chapter in association with MS Ramaiah Institute Of Technology(MSRIT), Bangalore, organized ‘Distinguished Lecture Program’ on  ‘Signal Processing for Atrial Fibrillation Source Detection’ which was held on the 20th November , 2014 at the MSRIT campus. It was open to academic staff and students of all engineering disciplines.

The invited guest for the evening was Dr Ravi Sankar, Professor of Electrical Engineering, University of South Florida , USA.

The main objective of the lecture program was to disseminate the importance of Atrial Fibrillation.  Dr Ravi Sankar threw light on classification, sources and treatment of AF. The audiences were made aware of the challenges faced and its contribution in the present era and its current state of art. The audiences were taught of single source identification and also about intra-cardiac data acquisition. Various topics like non linear signal processing algorithm, AF signal pre-processing techniques like DWT, linear predictive coding(LPC) and AF source detection techniques were discussed in details.


                           Dr Ravi Sankar giving lecture

The event was successful in providing the students, faculty and others present over there to further enhance their interest in the field of signal processing for atrial fibrillation source detection and encouraged them to come out with solutions to the complex challenges that are encountered everyday in this field.


   Students involved in IEEE seminar