IEEE EMBS MSRIT Student Chapter in association with the Department of Medical Electronics, MSRIT, Bangalore, organized a two day hands on workshop on “PROGRAMMABLE SYSTEM ON CHIP (PSoC)” which was held on 24th and 25th of January, 2014 at the MSRIT campus. The workshop was open to academic staff and students of MSRIT.

               The main objective of the PSoC workshop was to emphasize the importance of PSoC, a hardware embedded system and a Cypress Semiconductor’s product which enables its use in many applications including biomedical aspects. The event was conducted by Mr. Srinivas A. N, Co-Founder Tinychip Embedded Solutions. The company professionals gave introduction about Microprocessors, Microcontrollers, Embedded Systems and PSoC. They elaborated the difference between the Microprocessors and Microcontrollers and also explained the features of PSoC using suitable computer presentations. They emphasized about how and when PSoC can be used over wider range of applications, especially in biomedical field.


Mr. Srinivas A.N explaining concepts to the participants

On the first day of the workshop, the participants were introduced to Cypress Semiconductor and their family of Microcontrollers. An introduction was given toPSoC 1/3/4/5/5LPArchitecture’s. The training sessions and LAB’s were done using PSoC 5 LP Kits provided by Tinychip Embedded Solutions. LAB sessions included LED Interfacing, LCD Interfacing, and Switch Interfacing; Implementation of signal conditioning components like VDAC, OP-AMP as a Voltage Follower and Amplifier, PGA, Comparators, ADC’s, and Analog Multiplexers.Various Application Notes relating to medical electronics such as Pulse Oximeter, Infusion Pump, and Fertility Monitor were explained.



Participants at the PSoC Session

On the last day of the workshop, applications like Digital Voltmeter, Digital Thermometer and Digital LUX Meter were implemented using appropriate sensors. The basic concepts, both theoretical and practical; for all these programs and applications were very well explained by the trainers. All the participants implement the same. At the end, the professionals conducted a contest which made the session more interesting and interactive.

                  The event was successful in providing the students and faculty with the hardware and software knowledgeof PSoC. The sessions were very interactive and helped the participants to use their programming skills innovatively. Certificates were given to all the participants from Tinychip Embedded Solutions.