IEEE MSRIT SIGHT group was formed in 2014 with a motive to benefit the students.
The Special Interest Group on Humanitarian Technology program serves to promote the mission of IEEE regarding humanitarian technology activities.

Purpose of the group:
• Building on the IEEE theme of Advancing Technology for Humanity, the Special Interest Group on Humanitarian Technology will promote activities which use appropriate and sustainable technologies to benefit the vulnerable and underserved sections of humanity.
• IEEE MSRIT SIGHT GROUP works for the development of women healthcare, to create awareness and to promote Child education.

Objective of the group:
• To bring together members / IEEE OUs working in or wishing to work in humanitarian fields and to encourage participation in activities that use humanitarian technologies.
• To increase awareness of IEEE members and engineers of the potential of their work to improve the standard of living of under-privileged populations.

Benifits of the group:
• The SIGHT is extremely helpful in encouraging the students by providing them funds for their projects in coherent with SIGHT goals.
• It includes 50% funding support with a maximum of $750 USD. It also includes facility to receive travel grants.

Projects to be executed under the group:
• Developing a portable device for Infant Cry Detection.
• Smart Phone Imaging of the eye.
• Computer Aided automated screening tool for foot ulcers.
• Development of a portable Point of Care screening bit. This includes Kaiwara rural camp.

Inauguration Photos