“Emerging Technologies in Signal Processing for Smart Sensing: Opportunities and Challenges”


Date: November 15th -17th  2023

Venue: Beta Hall, Sri Sai Ram Engineering College, Chennai, India

About the Program

In the digital age, our world is brimming with an unparalleled volume and variety of data. From the invisible spectrum of wireless communications to the vast array of images captured by satellites in orbit, signals are the lifeblood of our interconnected world. In recent years, the advent of smart sensing has greatly expanded the frontiers of signal processing. The increasing sophistication of these smart sensors demands more from signal processing techniques – higher accuracy, faster processing speeds, and real-time adaptability. Moreover, the emergence of technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT) means that billions of such smart sensors could be interconnected, leading to vast, complex networks of signal sources and sinks. On the horizon, we see cutting-edge domains such as artificial intelligence, quantum computing, and next-generation wireless networks intertwining with the world of signal processing. This FORUM aims to provide a comprehensive background on the topic, offering participants insight into the importance of signal processing, its integration with smart sensing, and the broader implications for the future.


Aimed at networking events with topics of interest to industry members. Formats include panel sessions and presentations or lectures by industry experts. Content should be created based on interest to industry and cannot include papers for publication.

Resource Persons:

From IITs/IIITs/NITs/Organizations of High Repute.

Target audience:

SPS members, Academic faculty, Persons from Industry, Research scholars, practitioners, UG & PG students who have a strong focus on Signal processing.



Accommodation to the outstation participants will be provided within the campus on prior request, well in advance by the participants.