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February 7, 2021 @ 11:00 am - 12:10 pm IST


Type of the Event            :  Induction ceremony              

Date(s) of the Event        :  07 Feb 2021

Time/Duration/Period     : 11:00 AM to 12:10 PM

Venue                               : Online on Microsoft Teams

Name of Event Co-coordinator(s) and Team Member(s) : Meghna Das, Simeen Khan Ayyub, Diya Suthiv, Shritama Sengupta, Aditi Kanojia, Chhavi Trivedi

Brief Profile(s) of Guest(s)/Speaker(s)/Resource Person(s) : Mr. Rishi Parpyani, Former chair of IEEE SICSR Student Branch 2019









The IEEE SICSR Student Branch’s Core Team 2021 had set up a wonderful session. The members of the core team and the new student members introduced themselves. The former chair of this section, Mr. Rishi Parpyani, was invited as a chief guest. He shared his IEEE experience and the important advantages he got because of being part of the IEEE. He shared his project ideas and interacted with the audience.

The Chair, Meghna Das hosted the event and gave a short history of the IEEE SICSR Student Branch. In addition, she thoroughly provided all the new members with a preview of the 2021 annual plan. Shritama Sengupta, the IEEE SIGHT Secretary, gave an overview of what SIGHT is and the activities performed under it. As well as the WIE Secretary, Aditi Kanojia had put forth the mission of WIE and the events which were held previously. The IEEE Secretary, Simeen Khan Ayyub outlined and briefly explained some previous events that had taken place. In addition, she presented a step by step formula for organizing an event.

Chhavi Trivedi, the Webmaster and Technical Team Lead, launched the segment on team choices for the new student members. Subsequently, she revealed the SICSR IEEE Website and gave a glimpse through the tasks of the technical team. Next up, Simeen Khan Ayyub, who is also the Graphic Design Team Lead, listed down the roles of the members who would opt for this team. Furthermore, Aditi Kanojia presented on behalf of Diya Suthiv (Treasurer and PMD Team Lead), the job of Promotion and Membership Development team (PMD). Lastly, Meghna Das, who is also the Content Writing Team Lead, tracked down the areas for write-ups and the tasks to be done in the team.

The team choices segment was made interactive and enlightening to all the new student members.

Further, Chhavi Trivedi shared her insight, her takeaway points with the IEEE events and advised that all the golden possibilities offered should be used adequately. Aditi Kanojia introduced the office bearer positions to all the new student members for later choices. She gave a brief path for applying for the positions and talked about various awards in IEEE. She highlighted membership development being our motive goal. Lastly, Q & A segment was held and the event had finally come to an end.



Online on Microsoft Teams