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Open Data and Analytics

March 17, 2021 @ 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm IST

  • Type of the Event             : Webinar             
  • Date(s) of the Event         : 17 March 2021
  • Time/Duration/Period     : 1.30 pm to 2.30 pm
  • Venue                              : Online
  • Date of Submission of Report   : 25 March, 2021
  • Name of Event Co-coordinator(s) and Team Member(s) :

            Dr. Rajashree Jain

  • Name(s) of Organization(s) & Brief Profile(s) of Guest(s)/Speaker(s)/Resource Person(s) :

Speakers: Mr. Siddharth Saoji (VIT, Pune), Mr. Sanket Bijawe (VIT, Pune), Mr. Shivraj Patil (PCCOE), Mr.Vineet Tambe (PICT)

  • No. of Participants :      

IEEE Members   5                   

Non-IEEE Members : 20

Total : 25


A webinar on Open Data and Analytics was organized by Dr. Rajashree Jain on 17 March, 2021 from 1.30 pm to 2.30 pm. The speakers were Mr. Siddharth Saoji (VIT, Pune), Mr. Sanket Bijawe (VIT, Pune), Mr. Shivraj Patil (PCCOE), Mr. Vineet Tambe (PICT).

Mr. Shivraj Patil and Mr. Vineet Tambe had worked on prediction of covid cases in India. They explained their research published in the Springer’s journal. Furthermore, Mr. Siddharth Saoji and Mr. Sanket Bijawe explained their NLP queries on categorizing queries of farmer’s help centre. They covered the topics, “Farmer Call Center Literature Review and Data Preparation”; “Analysis and Visualization of Farmer Call Center Data” and “Approach for Exploring New Frontiers for Optimizing Query Volume for Farmer Call Center – KCC Query Pattern“. The event was sensational and enlightening.


Online on Microsoft Teams