1. Topic: Future Prospects for Non-Engineering programme Undergraduates in USA.

2. Type of the event: Seminar

3.  Date(s) of the event: July 13,  2023

4. Time: 5:30 PM to 6:30 PM

5. Venue: Symbiosis Institute of Computer Studies and Research, Model Colony.

6.  Date of submission of report: July 17,  2023,

7. Name of event coordinator(s) :

Dr. Rajashree Jain Mr. Sanket Kurdukar  Soumil Khanna
Dr. Parag Kaveri Utkarsh Gupta Rohan Thakur
Aditya Tuteja  Dhwani Parekh  Aditya Bajaj

8. Name(s) of Organization(s) & Brief Profile(s) of Guest(s)/Speaker(s)/ Resource Person(s):

Dr. Ing Habil Ajay Poddar, Chief Scientist at Synergy Microwave, New Jersey, USA.

Dr. Rajashree Jain, a professor at SICSR and Vice Chair & Membership Development Lead at IEEE India Council

9. No. Of participants: 44

  1. Volunteers: 6
  2. Participants:  38

10. Associates/Sponsors/Partners (ACM/IEEE/SIU/WiMLDS/etc.):      

Pravidhi – SICSR IEEE Pune Student Branch and SICSR’s Hurukuro Lecture Series.

11. Details (remarks, beneficiaries, etc.):

SICSR’s Hurukuro Lecture Series, in collaboration with Pravidhi: SICSR’s IEEE Student Branch, recently organized a seminar aimed at non-engineering program undergraduates interested in exploring future prospects in the USA. The event, held on July 13, 2023, featured Dr. Ing Habil Ajay Poddar, Chief Scientist at Synergy Microwave in New Jersey, USA, as the main speaker.

Dr. Rajashree Jain, professor at SICSR and Vice Chair & Membership Development Lead at IEEE India Council, warmly welcomed Dr. Ajay Poddar, Former Chair of IEEE AP-S North Jersey. Another distinguished guest, Dr. Mani, Former Chair at IEEE Pune section and former Dean and Director at DIAT, DRDO, Pune, was also present, promising a separate session.

The workshop aimed to educate participants about the future prospects available to non-engineering undergraduate students in the USA. Dr. Ajay Poddar emphasized the benefits of pursuing post-graduation abroad, including enhanced knowledge, increased opportunities, and high-paying jobs. He expressed his willingness to help participants secure internships, jobs, and admissions to renowned universities in the USA.

Dr. Ajay Poddar provided valuable insights on landing jobs in MAANG companies (Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Google) by outlining the required skills and qualifications. He patiently answered students’ doubts and questions, offering expert advice to clarify uncertainties.

The importance of honesty in interviews was highlighted, with an emphasis on presenting oneself authentically and transparently to potential employers. Dr. Ajay also discussed language barriers faced by students aspiring to study in European countries, noting that the USA offers more opportunities without language restrictions for Indian students.

Practical experience and academic qualifications were deemed valuable for job prospects in the USA. Dr. Ajay guided participants on clearing standardized tests such as the GRE and TOEFL, commonly required for university admission.

Dr. Ajay also highlighted the use of AI resume detection by recruiters and advised tailoring resumes to match job requirements and incorporating relevant keywords for improved chances of being shortlisted. He encouraged participants to aim high and consider prestigious Ivy League universities for their postgraduate studies.

In the closing remarks, Dr. Rajashree Jain welcomed Dr. Parag Kaveri, Deputy Director at SICSR, and presented a memento to Dr. Ajay Poddar as a token of appreciation. The workshop provided valuable insights into career opportunities and pathways for non-engineering students in the USA, and Dr. Ajay’s expertise and willingness to guide participants added immense value to the event.

In conclusion, SICSR’s workshop on Future Prospects for Non-Engineering Program Undergraduates in the USA offered practical advice, job market insights, and strategies for internships, jobs, and university admissions. Dr. Ajay Poddar’s expertise and support made it a valuable platform for non-engineering undergraduates seeking opportunities in the USA

12. Submitted by:  Aditya Tuteja

13. Event pictures:

  • Dr. Rajashree Jain, Branch Counselor welcomed the Speaker and  participants
  • Dr. Ajay interacting with participants
  • A Group Photo of All Participants

14. Attendance sheet:

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