The Shortlisted Projects for I2CONECCT 2018 are mentioned in this link - http://site.ieee.org/sb-jec/i2conecct-shortlisted-projects/

IEEE Mangalore Subsection and St Joseph Engineering College presents I2CONECCT (Industry Institute Conclave on Electronics, Computational and Communication Technologies) an intercollegiate B.E and M.Tech project exhibition and competition, which will be held at SJEC on Sunday, 13 May 2018. The competition is open to all the final year B.E and M.Tech students of circuit branches (ECE, EEE, CSE, ISE, IT, Instrumentation, Biomedical, ICT, Mechatronics Etc) only.

The competition will consist of TWO Rounds:

Round 1: Project Abstract Submission

Round 2: Project Exhibition and Competition of Shortlisted Projects

Last Date to submit Project Abstract: 20th April 2018 (revised)(registrations closed)

Date of intimation of shortlisted projects: 25th April 2018 (revised)

Shortlisted projects will have to pay a non refundable registration fees of Rs 300 per team (If only Non IEEE members) and registration fee of Rs 200 per team (if at least one current IEEE member) using the link provided during the selection intimation.

Guidelines for submitting the project Abstract or Synopsis.

  1. Download the project abstract submission form by clicking here.   (Click the download option  present at the right side top of your screen)
  1. Please follow the following instructions while writing the project abstract.

Approximate No. of Words



Para I

Shall introduce the reader with the subject matter of the project work


Para II

Shall discus in brief the developments in the area of work/research so far based on the reference to the literature. Identification of the problem and defining exactly the purpose of the intended work or proposition of the novel solutions.


Para III

Research methodology, briefly discuss about the novel solution, experimental work, results and discussions.


Para IV

Conclusions drawn based on the work, advantages or benefits of using novel solution by the way of saving in the cost, labour, space, energy or the overall economy. Cost of developing novel solution.


Para V

Proposition of the scope for future work

300 to 400 words approximately

Block Diagram/ Circuit Diagram

  1. Use indirect speech while writing the abstract. Since you are reporting the current work, therefore either use present tense or present continuous. Avoid making direct references such as, in our project or in my project etc.
  2. Once the abstract is typed in the prescribed format save the file as <short title of your project>, for example, error amplifier designs, solar panel cleaner etc.
  3. The abstract must be either submitted in .doc, .docx, or .pdf formats and file size should not exceed above 10MB.
  4. Submit your project abstract by clicking here.  (Registrations are closed now )