How Virtualization Technology Plays an Important Role in Cloud Computing!

By: Mr. Vaibhav Doshi, PhD Student, Sir Padampat Singhania University

What is Virtualization?
Virtualization provides migration, high availability and reduced cost of resources and applications because it provides a platform to run multiple virtual machines or operating systems on single physical hardware. It is an act of creating virtual version of computer hardware, operating system, network resources and storage etc. This technology provides benefits to large number of sectors like finance, government, education etc.
Why to go with Virtualization!
In the current scenario virtualization and cloud computing both are good research directive for researchers. We are used this virtualization technology in cloud computing for growing number of organization to reduce power consumption, disaster recovery, server consolidation, testing, development and in improved area of security etc.
Explore the heart of virtualization
A major role plays by hypervisor also called virtualization layer in virtualization technology. There are two types of hypervisor available for creating an interface between hardware and operating systems.

  • The Type-I hypervisor is directly installed on hardware.
  • Type-II hypervisor cannot directly installed on hardware but it is installed on host operating system.

Type-I hypervisors are more efficient than Type-II hypervisor because they are not dependent on host operating system. Through this virtualization, cloud computing manages these hardware resources through a shared pool and distributed over internet.
Where to implement it!
Virtualization also plays an important role for developing and improving one of the service layer of cloud computing called infrastructure-as-a-service layer (IaaS).VMware vCloud tool helps into creating IaaS layer. So virtualization provides valuable delivery of resources on cloud computing.
What will the future of virtualization look like? We will no doubt do a lot of good things with virtualization, despite still being in the learning phase.