MAY 31th 2021 4:00 to 6:00 pm

Topic; Technologies are enabling Start-ups to solve Problems

Brief profile
Dr.M.K.Kaushik CEO of Vaagdevi Incubation and Business Accelerator, Faculty lead in Quanser International project Vaagdevi college of engineerin


Dr.M.K.Kaushik described about the innovations and Entrepreneurs, fasal sensors and their features and benefits, Contactless patient monitoring & Early Warning System for Step down ICU & HDU units, Dozee Early Warning System (DEWS) for Critical Care Outreach automation and dozee  advantages . He described the following points   The most important thing isEntrepreneurs, which is the bridge between invention and commercialization. Itis like a person with the vision to see an innovation and the ability to bringit to market. Some of the technologies are IOT (Internet of Things), 3Dprinting, Block chain, Robotic automation process... Etc. He described with some live example like.


Fasal is a horticulture/plantation specific solution, supplying farm level crop-specific and crop stage specific actionable intelligence. By using the fasal sensors like: Canopy temperature and humidity, Air pressure, Rain gauge, Wind speed and direction, soil water tension and soil temperature ...etc. It results benefits in water savings, increased yield and decreased input cost

summary Dozee Early Warning System (DEWS) for critical care outreach automation
In this AI-based engines check the risk score of the patient to proactively alert medical staff about any deviations outside of the stable range for prompt medical intervention and potentially reduced mortality rates. Some Advantages are Contactless, Cost efficient, Zero Maintenance, Revenue Multiplier. Etc. More than 200+ lives saved by prompt ICU transfers at IGMC Hospital-Nagpur powered by Dozee’s Contactless, Continuous Remote Patient Monitoring.