MAY 6th 2021 4:00 to 5:00 pm

Topic; Innovation and research challenges

Brief profile
Prof. Ramesh Chandra Panda is working as Dean, Research and Development Cell, Synergy Institute of Engineering and Technology, Dhenkanal, Odisha. Professor Panda filed and published 88 research patents, research copyright under Intellectual Property Right of India & indexed at WIPO, Switzerland and granted 18 Australian patents


Prof. Ramesh Chandra  Panda described the value of innovations and IPR for the higher education sector and our society. He has taken various real examples in his talk and explained how innovations in research are affecting our daily life. Prof. Panda briefly described his variousfiled/published/granted patents and their applications. He described aSustainable solar-assisted all-natural clay cool refrigeration system, IoT (Internetof Things) based sustainable manufacturing of organic fertilizer, AIR-o-Water,5G based optimized controlled humanoid robot with IoT based handheld mobile ECGeffective for intensive care units, Wind-powered IoT based Sustainable OrganicCompost Machine, Robotic Process automated centre shift mechanical ventilator,Formulation and preparation of alcohol-free herbal sanitizers, E-VidyalayaPortal, empowering virtual classroom: A platform designed for online teachingand training over the internet, Smart Carbonless Cooking Gasifier, IoT BasedCost Effective Smart Sustainable Water Purifier, Adopting and researchinginnovative treatment technology for hospital wastewater and detecting COVIDinfection

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