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Career Options and Opportunities for Electronics/E&TC Graduates.

Date and time of the Event: June 6,2020 @ 1 pm IST
Name of the Speaker: Mr.Renjith CV.
Topics Included:
● Opportunities in the core Electronics field.
● Product Development and Industry.
● Opportunities after Engineering( Higher Study/Job etc.)
● Enhancement of skill sets and the short term/online System,DSP,VLSI,AI/IoT etc.
● Overview …

Cybersecurity and AI: The Key to scaling Cyber Defence

Date & Time of the Event: July 11, 2020 @ 12 PM IST.
Name of the Speaker: Dr.Rizwan Ahmed

AI- The Key to Scaling Cyber Defence
AI- The Benefits to Scaling Cyber Defence
AI- Use Cases in Cyber Defence
AI- Building a Roadmap for Cyber Defence
AI- Challenges for Cyber Defence