On the 20th of Match, 2017, IEEE Student Branch (STB64309) Università di Napoli Federico II was founded at DIETI of University of Napoli Federico II.

It’s one of the most significative moments for the life of the students community of the University. The Branch counts around 30 students including three-year cycle, magistral and doctorate subscribers, coming from different sectors related to industrial and information. The Branch’s objectives are:

  • To create a local network;
  • To organize meetings, workshops and similars;
  • To organize events and competitions for students;
  • To organize job related meetings and guided visits to local companies;
  • To promote prizes and awards;
  • To encourage the progress of science and technology in the wide local community using IEEE’s experience

The students associations ASSI and BEST will take part in the Branch. Within the near-term objectives  are the partecipation to RTSI 2017 which will be at Moden on the next 11-13th of September, bringing a small core of project developed within the cognitive computing matter. The Branch has obtained approval of both the director of the dipartimento di Ingegneria Elettrica e tecnologia dell’informazione DIETI, prof. Giorgio Ventre and the doctorates’s responsible: prof. Riccio. Its counselor is prof. Paolo Maresca. My hope is that the creation of this Branch will bring high the name of the university where the students study and walk their path of internationalization in the widest engineers organization of the world!