5-Minute Video Clip Contest

Main scope:

Undergraduate teams would analyze a signal processing related topic and its applications and present their knowledge by means of a short video. Teams shall explore specific topics in the following fields.
  • Audio & Acoustic Signal Processing
  • Bio Imaging & Signal Processing
  • Compressive Sensing, Sampling, & Dictionary Learning
  • Computational Imaging
  • Financial Signal Processing
  • Deep Learning/Machine Learning
  • Image, Video & Multidimensional Signal Processing
  • Information Forensics & Security
  • Multimedia Signal Processing
  • Quantum Signal Processing
  • Remote Sensing and Signal Processing
  • Sensor Array & Multichannel Signal Processing
  • Signal Processing for Big Data
  • Signal Processing for Communication & Networking
  • Signal Processing for Cyber Security
  • Signal Processing Over Graphs
  • Speech & Language Processing
  • Statistical Signal Processing
For more information, please contact – +94 71 797 9621 (Kaveesha)

Why should you compete in the 5-minute video clip contest?


  • Opportunity to explore new fields such as,
    • Machine Learning
    • Quantum Signal Processing
    • Signal Processing in Cybersecurity
    • Financial Signal Processing
    • etc.
  • Opportunity to prepare for a global competition
  • Learn from industry experts from LSEG to improve presentation skills
  • Learning how financial signal processing is used in the industry
  • Stand a chance to win amazing cash prizes

Evaluation criteria:

Your video presentation will be evaluated on the following:
  • Creativity
  • Technical content covered (new research areas are favoured)
  • Correctness
  • Comprehensibility (the quality of being easy or possible to understand)
  • Video and audio quality
  • Delivery of overall presentation


Grand Prizes : The grand prizes will be awarded based on the total points a team earns as per the evaluation criteria. The language used in the video will not be considered for the grand prizes.
Language Specific Awards : Three separate awards will be awarded for the best performance from each of the three languages. To further our goal of encouraging the use of native languages in STEM education, teams that win the grand prizes are not eligible for this award.
People’s Choice Award: The 5-minute videos with most social media engagement will be streamed during the award ceremony, and the video of “Peoples’ Choice” will be selected using an online voting system (All videos will be uploaded to social media). 
Sponsor’s Choice Award: This will be awarded according to the criterion provided by the sponsor.


  • Registrations Open – 11th August 2021
  • Workshop #1 – 5th September 2021
  • Registrations Closing -7th September 2021
  • Workshop #2 – 16th September 2021
  • Submissions Closing – 1st October 2021
  • Open voting for people’s choice award – 3rd October 2021
  • Final award ceremony – 8th October 2021


We request you to prepare and upload a video of your presentation, consisting of a brief introduction with a webcam, if desired, followed by voice over slides for your presentation. Please do not try to upload PowerPoint or PDF files.
Our recommended approach to record the video is to record the presentation using Zoom, OBS or similar software.
Your video must fulfill the following conditions.
  1. The scope of your video should be related to the fields mentioned in the scope section, and it should cover considerable detail about the selected topic.
  2. Duration of video shall be between 4 minutes and 30 seconds to 5 minutes.
  3. Video must be in mp4 file format
  4. Height of your video should exceed 480 pixels.
  5. Aspect ratio must be 16:9.
  6. Video must include the topic title, team name & university.
  7. The language of the video should be either Sinhala, Tamil or English. For the videos of Sinhala and Tamil, English words can be used for technical terms whenever corresponding Sinhala or Tamil words are not available, however, with appropriate explanations. 
Above mentioned conditions will be checked after submission and any video failing to comply may not be considered.
As a reminder, videos that are not received by the deadline will be considered as no-shows. Additional recording specifications and upload details will be provided upon registration.
A letter of confirmation of undergraduate status will be requested by the time of video submission. The letter should be signed by the respective head of department or university official of the team leader.