Type of event


Event purpose

The goal of the event is to present the club’s annual and financial activities to other club members. In addition, appointed top management to lead the club’s goal and committee.

* Muhamad Iqbal Bin Mesman (UiTM SB Chair)
* Ahmad Adli BinZakaria (vice Chair 1)
* Wan Muhamad Hakimi Bin Wan Bunyamin (vice Chair 2)
* Ruqayyah Binti Ali ( Secretary 1)
* Wan Athirah Binti Wan Mohd Khauthar (Secretary 2)
* Farhana Izzani Binti Misarifin (Treasurer 1)
* Muhamad Alf izani Bin Azri (Treasurer 2)

Number of participants

  • 50 students from Faculty of Electrical Uitm Shah Alam