Salam Sejahtera and a very good day to all students, 

It is that time of the year and we from UTeM IEEE’s Student Branch are actively seeking fresh new faces to run this club. 

Are you: 

  • A student from an Engineering/Information Technology Faculty? 
  • Eager to learn the ways of managing and running various events? 
  • A loyal and dedicated person who is able to commit for 1 term? 
  • Passionate about all things related to electrical and electronic engineering?  

You are exactly who we are looking for! 

Do fill up the form below by the 5th of December 2022 to be part of our team. 

(Do make sure to use your student e-mail addresses e.g.
Upon submitting your response, you will instantly receive an email with an invitation to our Telegram and Microsoft Teams channels. 


Positions available and their respective job scopes: 

  1. President – Responsible for leading and monitoring the club and ensuring planned activities are carried out.- Relay with other committees or bodies for collaborations. 
  1. Vice President 
    – Assist in the management of the club and members’ affairs. 
  1. Secretary 
    – Responsible for documenting minutes of meetings. 
    – Compose letters and statements for collaboration with industry partners or other committees with careful consideration of the club’s corporate image. 
  1. Treasurer 
    – Manage the financial aspect of the club. 
    – Produce proper and neat documentation of club finance for future reference. 
  1. Multimedia Bureau 
    – Manage the social media handles of the club. 
    – Design posters for commemorating developments in E&E and promoting club events. 
  1. Technical Bureau 
    – Responsible for ensuring seamless event management. 
  1. Activities and Planning Bureau 
    – Creativity-focused while practical in generating ideas for events. 

We wholeheartedly look forward to your participation. 

For any enquiries, do contact us @ 

Sanjivan Karunakaran (President) – +60178795169 | WhatsApp

Sri Haaran Ramesh (Vice President) – +60172301831 | WhatsApp

Follow our social media handles: 

Official Website | Facebook | Instagram | Telegram