Military College of Signals was raised immediately after partition of the Indo-Pak Sub Continent in 1947 as School of Signals, with the task of training officers and selected Non Commissioned Officers of the Corps of Signals of Pakistan Army. The School had to be raised from a scratch because the signal training facilities of undivided Indian Army were located either at Poona or Jabalpur. Both these cities are now part of India. Lt Col C.W.M. Young, a British Officer of the Royal Corps of Signals was the first commandant of the School. During the early years, due to the shortage of training facilities in the country in the field of telecommunication, a number of officers and men were trained at School of Signals, U.K, and subsequently at US Army Signal School at Fort Monmouth, New Jersey. The College, since its raising has undergone various phases of expansion to meet the requirements of the Corps of Signals. The status of the School was raised to that of a College in 1977, when it was affiliated with University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore for Telecommunication Engineering Degree The College was affiliated with National University of Sciences and Technology, in 1991 and since then it has progressed phenomenally as a center of quality education. Today the curriculum is not only confined to merely undergraduate level but MCS is also running MS and PhD courses.programme.