Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunt is a unique event which provides MCS with delightful extra-curricular opportunity out of the busy engineering studies. Goals Achieved: Enhanced, active participation Member Development

IEEE Projects Competition

Extending the goals of IEEE international, IEEE MCS SB organized projects competition to promote the concept of having practical knowledge of engineering. Goals Achieved: Promotion of Practical Engineering

PCB Designing Workshop 2016

A PCB designing workshop was held for 3 days in order to teach the students with basics of designing and implementation of circuits in practical. The event was split into three major portions: designing in software, implementation of design, and soldering after placement of components. It helped to introduce implementation of circuit designing to students… Read more

Workshop on Adobe Photoshop

In the fast-paced environment where skills matter the most, IEEE MCS Students Branch aimed at building technical skills among students to enable them for working as freelancer. Due to extensive use of Photoshop and its unlimited applications in graphics, a need of time was fulfilled ensuring maximum participation. Goals Achieved: Increase in significance of IEEE… Read more

IEEE Day 2016

IEEE day 2016 was successfully organized and cherished by IEEE members as well as the new batch of Software and Telecommunication Engineering. The chairperson IEEE explained the progress made by IEEE MCS Students branch and its active participation in IEEE community thus leveraging the attendees with enthusiasm to contribute towards the organization. Presentation was followed… Read more

IEEE Icebreaker Games

After detailed sessions of IEEE orientation and IEEE celebrations, IEEE MCS Students Branch brought fun to the members and developed interest towards IEEE in non-members. Some icebreaker challenges were arranged, including ‘Domino Challenge’ and ‘Stacking Nuts’ with prizes for winners in the end. Icebreaker games event supplied more interest to promote IEEE and display the… Read more

IEEE Orientation Day

IEEE Orientation Day aimed at providing the fresher students with an insight of IEEE at international level with a description about the role they can play. The targets set were achieved as there emerged successful registrations. Orientation day kept its focus on supplying students with the benefits they can have with IEEE using events conducted… Read more

Workshop on Micro-Controllers Programming

Micro-controllers have brought us from large circuitry to micro-level circuiting by making use of micro-controllers. Micro-controller programming using assembly language seemed a daunting task until the workshop occurred – as commented by the students. The workshop has enabled the students to understand the micro-controller programming to proceed towards understanding and bringing innovation in Electrical Engineering…. Read more

Workshop on Antenna Design using HFSS Design Software

Students in the third year, undergoing the Antennas and Waveguides course, have gained sufficient knowledge of antenna designing. The workshop enabled the students to take a head-start in Antenna Designing. Students have got facilitated in order to proceed towards their semester project using skills developed in the workshop.