Intra MCS-Hostels Gaming Competitions

Cricket involves extreme physical activity. This competition gave an opportunity to students displaying their physical fitness in amalgamation with a successful strategy. Sub Modules: Cricket Futsal Chess Badminton Table Tennis Carrom Board Ludo FIFA Counter Strike Call Of Duty Goals Achieved: Development of sportsman’s spirit Physical training Promoting Co-curricular activities

Farewell 2016 – IEEE MCS SB

Farewell was organized at Jacaranda Club, Islamabad. New committee members of IEEE MCS Students Branch exchanged their thoughts with executive committee of 2015. Goals Achieved: Socializing Sharing Experiences with new committee members

Workshop on Object Oriented Programming

The workshop served to enlighten students with the vast concepts of using “objects” in programming and as a head start for them to allow them to continue taking interest in programming and learning it. Goals Achieved: Clarifying students’ concepts Importance of objects in Programming Programming Techniques

Seminar on Freelancing

Students need a motivation to start Freelancing and share burden of their expenses. In addition, the seminar focused to stimulate entrepreneurial skills among students. Goals Achieved: ·         Introduction to Freelancing ·         Breaking barriers ·         Provoke Entrepreneurship

Workshop on Android Development v2.0

Coping with the dire need of students to get familiar with and practice “android development” has been a demand from students, which was fulfilled by IEEE & WIE MCS Students’ Branch and android app developers. Goals Achieved: ·         App development ·         Organizing a section level technical event ·         Android applications ·         Participants from other IEEE branches