Alvaro González

Alvaro González, PhD 3, Treasurer and Publications Officer

Background: I am a PhD student in the Center for Energy Systems (ES CREI) , at Skoltech (Skolkovo Institue of Science and Technology) in Moscow, Russia.

I received my B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering, specializing in energy harvesting at the Universidad del Norte, Colombia, in 2015. In 2017 I received with honors my M.Sc. degree in Power Engineering at Skoltech, Russia.

Current projects: My Ph.D. topic is “New mathematical approaches for flexible energy models and their integration in multi-energy systems”. In particular, I am involved in the research connected with the flexible operation and modelling of Multi-Energy Systems, i.e., Combined Cooling, Heat and Power Systems.

Interests: in general I am interest in finding new and simple ways to model flexibility in energy systems for the integration of renewable energy sources.

IEEE Skoltech Student Branch – responsibilities: I am in charge of overseeing the aspects related to the financial management of the Branch. Additionally, I coordinate the technical publications of the Branch, as well as the training sessions on technical writing and presentations with the members.

IEEE Skoltech Student Branch – opportunities:
What I want to do: I want to help organizing the publication efforts and training sessions for the members.
What I expect: I expect to be of service to the younger students in their educational and research journey.

Andrey Pimenov

Andrey Pimenov –2nd year PhD student Engineering Systems – Vice-Chair of IEEE Skoltech student branch

Motivation. I want to help to establish IEEE Student Branch and share all useful opportunities of it for all Skoltech students. I hope, that others take up this initiative and develop it in future.

Background. My widespread working experience consists of different components – automation engineer in “Exiton Automatic”, and “Gazprom” in Ufa, volunteer in AIESEC organization, control engineer in Aluminum Honeycomb Core manufacturing line project based on cooperation between Skoltech – ISS Reshetnev. Moreover, twice I tried to create a startup but, both times failed (one – support driver systems, other – modular robotic arm for manufacturers). Have some experience in IT – consulting (3rd place on Moscow Cup Technical in 2016), and hackathons (MLH in Denmark, Aarhus University in 2019).

Current Projects – I work as control engineer and system architecture developer in new generation of honeycomb machine in Skoltech. Hope to finalize it in a few months and shift focus on my research again =)

My Thesis is devoted to the problem of quality of secondary polymers sorting processes. There is a working title of theme of the dissertation: Development of a detector for the degradation of secondary polymers on sorting lines.

My responsibilities in IEEE Skoltech SB

As a Vice Chair, I responsible to support Chair in management the IEEE student branch. For example, I work closely with Program, Member and Publicity committee officers.

My opportunities in IEEE Skoltech SB

Main opportunity is networking with pro-active specialists, information involvement in world technological trends in electronics industry (especially sensors and laser technologies could contribute more to my research).

Ivan Kazakov


Ivan Kazakov – PhD-2, Physics – Program Committee Officer


I want to contribute to the Skoltech IEEE Student branch to make our university one more step close to the worldwide scientific community. I expect to get satisfaction from my work by organizing events for the Skoltech, as well as gain experience of being a part of the international IEEE community executive team.


Skoltech/MIPT(LPI), MSc, Grating Coupler Design for Integrated Silicon Photonics; MIPT(LPI), BSc, Spatially resolved IR-Fourier spectroscopy of structures produced by STED-photolithography.

Current Projects

I am working in the scientific group of prof. Kueppers and prof. Shipulin at the Center of Photonics and Quantum Materials (CPQM). We are working on the development of the Photonic Integrated Circuits technology. I am working on the project of Integrated photonics interrogator.

My responsibilities in IEEE Skoltech SB

As a Program Committee Officer, I am responsible for managing events related to the Skoletch IEEE Student Branch

My opportunities in IEEE Skoltech SB

At IEEE Skoltech SB I can participate at various events as lectures and seminars, get feedback on my scientific work and promote my work by publishing it on the Student Branch Page. Being a member of the executive committee allows me to influence and improve Skoltech’s life. Also being an IEEE member gives such opportunities as a discount on conferences and participation in IEEE global competitions and events.

Oluwaseun Oladimeji


Oluwaseun Oladimeji – 2nd Year MSc Energy Systems – Nomination Committee Officer

Motivation – My main aim is to contribute to a future global environment with sustainable energy, environment and a balanced opportunity for everyone.

Background – I have a bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering with a major in Power and Energy systems. My focus has been on creating sustainable energy systems especially for remote locations not connected to the main grid. This led to my activities in distributed power generation and control systems for off grid settlements.

Current Projects – Assessing the Value of coordination of electric vehicles in an EV-Electrical Power Grid Integrated System.

Research activities: The world is experiencing continued decrease of technology costs. A by-product is the adoption of new tech and one of these is a global rise of electric vehicle (EV) adoption. This is a good turn for climate activists and governments with an environmental outlook. Across the world, many government policies have been set up to support continued adoption of EVs. I am investigating the impact of these EVs on the distribution network as well as their impact in reducing CO2 emissions.

My responsibilities in IEEE Skoltech SB – As the nomination committee officer, I am responsible for all elections and appointment to vacant leadership positions in Skoltech’s IEEE student body. The committee ensures that all candidates are active IEEE Student Members in good standing at the time of their declaration.

My opportunities in IEEE Skoltech SB – Being a member of IEEE helps me keep abreast of recent state of the art especially in my field. Within the student body, it affords me an opportunity to partner with other students on interesting projects which could have measurable impact in our immediate society. As a part of the executive, I have an opportunity to develop my communication and leadership skills

Salman Ali Thepdawala

Salman Ali Thepdawala – 1st Year M.Sc. Space & Engineering Systems at Skoltech

MotivationBesides our day to day activities, it is also important that we do networking and expand our knowledge to lead the way for innovative thought process and insights. Being part of IEEE SB is one way to broaden my horizons and gather new information, and be part of a distinguished society which is at the forefront of product innovation.

BackgroundB.Sc. in Aerospace Engineering with 2 theses: 1) Autonomous Object Avoiding Quadcopter. 2) Staging Optimization of Satellite Launch Vehicles.

CurrentProjects1) Research on time-optimal slew algorithm for a small satellite attitude control system. 2) Research on using deep neural network for autonomous operations of satellite using magnetic attitude control system. 3) Participating and representing Skoltech in International IREC (Intercollegiate Rocket Engineering Competition).

Responsibilities in IEEE SBI will help IEEE SB team by providing creative support with events/projects on campus. So that the newly founded branch can grow and easily realize its immediate goals and benefit Skoltech students as intended by the founders of IEEE SB.

Motivation in IEEE SBWorking together in a team of talented individuals will help my personal growth. Besides, being surrounded by people who share the same interests and ambitions academically would mean that innovative ideas can be discussed and improved on greatly.

Aleksandra Galitsyna

Aleksandra Galitsyna – 3rd year PhD Student – Secretary

Motivation: My story with IEEE started two years ago when I participated in the IEEE International Conference on Bioinformatics and Biomedicine. It was an inspirational event that joined hundreds of scientists from all over the world in my area. Life Sciences are more and more loaded with advanced technologies and engineering. And it’s essential to keep on track and help others stay the same. I hope to ensure people like me can do that. Both IEEE and Skoltech are great organizations that push young and inspired people forward. I wish to see this alliance stand on both feet.

Background: Specialist in Bioengineering and Bioinformatics, graduated from Moscow State University. Doing research on the biology of DNA and chromatin for 6 years.

Current Projects: Studying 3D-conformation of DNA in the individual cells of living organisms. My research involves mostly the implementation of algorithms for data analysis and bioinformatics. When I have an idea for a good experiment, I am busy in the lab preparing the DNA sequencing libraries as a bioengineer.

My responsibilities in IEEE Skoltech SB: The Secretary at the IEEE Branch is the source of structure and order. She is the keeper of the records and the correspondent between Skoltech, Student Branch, and IEEE.

My opportunities in IEEE Skoltech SB: As a part of Student Branch I am involved in the activities of talented and inspiring people with an outstanding background in engineering. We have several amazing projects that are easier to accomplish as a united Skoltech IEEE Student Branch. I am with the Branch to make these them come true.

Sulav Ghimire

Sulav Ghimire – 1st Year Master Student in Energy Systems – Publicity Committee Officer

Motivation: The principal aim of IEEE Student Branch is to empower young researchers. My main motivation behind being a member and publicity committee officer of Skoltech IEEE Student Branch is my dream to be a professor and researcher. I wish to make Skoltech Student Branch a known name in the academic community.

Background: B.Eng. in Electrical Engineering, specialized in electrical power systems. Previous experience in teaching, domestic, commercial, and public electrification system design, research in power system analysis, dynamics, stability, and power markets and economics.

Current Projects: Mathematical modeling of power system for small signal stability, modeling of Valve Induction Generator, mathematical modeling of flywheel energy storage system, power system reliability evaluation using Markov Models

My responsibilities in IEEE Skoltech SB: The Publicity Committee Officer is responsible for promoting the student branch activities in different media so that the information of the activities is disseminated to a wider audience.

My Opportunities: IEEE student branch is a bridge between student research activities and the higher academic community. IEEE helps us collaborate with students and researchers from all around the world and as a committee member, I have an opportunity to develop a strong network between the skoltech student community and other institutions.

Jonathan Tirado


Jonathan Tirado – 2nd Year Master Student in Space and Engineering Systems – Membership Committee Officer

Motivation – My principal motivation to be part of IEEE Student Branch is my desire to contribute my experience and my efforts to the development of new projects and the generation of workgroups within our institution and also with other universities. On the other hand, by representing the IEEE Student Branch, I hope to learn more about this organization and its advantages for students and young professionals.

Background- B.Eng. in electronics and control systems specialized in robotics and automation. I have professional experience in biomedical equipment for healthcare centers. My technical interests are Human- Computer Interactions, Haptics, Artificial Intelligence, Industrial Robotics, Virtual and Augmented Reality.

Current Projects Wearable Fingertip Electro-Tactile Display for Multi-sensory Information Exchange in Industrial AR Environments. It is a visual and tactile sharing system for hand skills training. The main purpose of this work is to develop a haptic system for rendering tactile sensations to support social presence information exchange in virtual and augmented reality environments. This project was developed over the supervision of my scientific advisor Prof. Dzmitry Tsetserukou.

My responsibilities in IEEE Skoltech SB the Membership Officer is responsible for promoting membership drive events at the sectional level. Maintains a current record of Section membership. Coordinates membership exhibits for local conferences, identifying volunteers to staff booth.

My opportunities in IEEE Skoltech SB IEEE allows us to expand our professional networks, participate in international academic activities and be aware of the new scientific events. As a member of the Skoltech Student Branch, I would like to work in the scientific disclosure, as a way to motivate more people to join us.

Hekmat Taherinejad

Hekmat Taherinejad – MSc 2- Information Science and Technology – Skoltech IEEE Student Branch Technical Chapter Officer

Motivation – IEEE SB helps me to get involve in an international and professional academic community, brings this opportunity to connect with open minded and innovative people, meet new ideas and make network with potent people all over the world. And of course to help our beloved Skoltech to become a well-known research and engineering center.

Background Aerospace and Robotics, focusing on Autonomous Aerial Vehicles

Current Projects Visual Odometry for High Dynamic Systems

My responsibilities in IEEE Skoltech SB As Technical Chapter Officer I will help students to get formation in different Technical Chapters and will facilitate their access to resources and equipment available locally or globally. And also, will be a contact point with the IEEE societies – for technically oriented events, and might be able to get support from the societes.

My opportunities in IEEE Skoltech SB With great team that we have in SB and also with support of great Skoltech, we can be able to accomplish ambitious goals in branch, such as bringing practical and well demanded projects into Skoltech, hosting Scientific and Technical events and welcome well-educated IEEE societies here in Skoltech. Let’s make it happen!

Behnoosh Meskoob

Behnoosh Meskoob

Behnoosh Meskoob – 2nd Year Ph.D. Candidate in Engineering Systems – Skoltech IEEE Student Branch co-founder and Chair

Motivation – IEEE SB helps me to be connected to an international network of students, who love science and technology, and find my future professional job opportunity from this network. I want to help other students -like myself- to develop their ideas, grow personally and professionally and learn as much as possible. Finally, I want to spend my free time in a scientific way with like-minded people.

Background- B.Sc. and M.Sc. in electronics engineering, focusing on high frequency discrete electronic system design, such as antenna and power amplifier design for Earth and space applications. I also have 3 years of working experience as electronics engineer in industry.

Current Projects – High frequency power amplifier efficiency and functionality enhancement with systems engineering implementation- In this project, I will implement one of the systems engineering principles to see its impact on a high frequency system design such as RF power amplifier to enhance the efficiency and linearity. I am also member of System Thinking Group (STG), under supervision of Prof. Fortin, focusing on systems engineering.

My responsibilities in IEEE Skoltech SB– As the co-founder and chair of this student branch, I will work with our team to set realistic goals and work hard to reach them for the benefit of all students in Skoltech. My most important responsibility is to help the close-knit team to grow sustainably together and provide the opportunity for other students to join and work with us.

My opportunities in IEEE Skoltech SB- We have an amazing team of motivated, talented and hardworking students and together we will bring the international engineering opportunities to students by having various events and programs. It will help us in our future professional endeavors as well. Professors can also support us with advices, projects, facilities and finding the progress roadmap.