IEEE and EWB talk event: Future of Our Cities

Wednesday 5th March sees an exciting talk event brought to you by the IEEE and EWB Cambridge student branches!

How will our cities look like in 10, 20 or even 50 years from now? Will we be closer to a futuristic looking utopian paradise or a smog filled industrial dystopia?

We have invited 2 prestigious speakers to give us a glimpse of the future:

  1. Dr Jennifer Schooling, Director of Cambridge Centre for Smart Infrastructure and Construction, former Research Business Manager at ARUP and an expert on civil infrastructure, will shed light on the emerging Smart Cities.
  2. Dr Andy Stanford-Clark, FBCS., IBM Distinguished Engineer, IBM Master Inventor and a visiting professor at Newcastle University, will explore the interconnectivity of the future and the Internet of Things.

The event will start at 6pm in The Queen’s Building at Emmanuel College.

For enquiries, please contact: or