The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) is the world’s largest professional association advancing technology for the benefit of humanity. It publishes technical journals, sponsors conferences, develops technology standards, and supports the professional interests of more than 400,000 members.

Please visit www.ieee.org to learn more about the IEEE.

The Student Branch at the University of Cambridge

The University of Cambridge IEEE student branch was established in August 2013 and is part of UK&RI region 8.

Contact Addresses

If you have any questions or requests, the executive committee would be delighted to address them. They can be contacted collectively at ieee-info [at] srcf [dot] net or individually at the addresses shown below.


Here is the list of the executive committee in charge of administering the branch:

Chairman Jian Chen jc791
Vice-Chairman Yu Jia yj252
Treasurer Megha Agrawal ma547
Secretary Nikita Hari nh416
IT-Officer Matthew Ireland mti20

To contact an individual member of the committee, their email address can be constructed by simply appending @cam.ac.uk onto their CRSid, for example xyz10 in the third column of the table above would become xyz10@cam.ac.uk.

Previous Chairman

Chairman and co-founder of the IEEE Student Branch: Andreja Erbes