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Mission Statement

CSULB’s IEEE student chapter seeks to educate and foster the next generation of engineers. By giving students the opportunity to engage with the material learned in the classroom setting, we reinforce the basic engineering principles and inspire students to design and develop their own projects. In addition, IEEE focuses on advancing technology for humanity’s benefit in an effort to solve the complex issues which confront our society’s well-being.

About Us

What is IEEE? IEEE is the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. With over 430,000 members worldwide, it is the world’s largest technical professional association.

Who are we? We are a student branch of IEEE, run by the hard work of student volunteers, for CSULB students.

What do we do? Our goal is to create a local network of students, faculty, and professionals in order to create networking, social, and mostly educational opportunities for students at CSULB. We organize events, competitions, workshops, special projects, and more.

How can I get involved? To join, click the “Join Our Discord” button above to get all the up-to-date notifications for our club. It’s that simple. After that, we strongly encourage you to join us at an event or workshop that we host. You will be notified of upcoming events through Discord. Also, feel free to come and say “hi” to us at our office (see below for directions).

Do I have to be an electrical or electronics engineering student to join? No, all students are welcome. In particular, we encourage people from other majors to come and take part in the fun learning opportunities we have to offer.

Office Location

Vivian Engineering Building, Room 524 (5th Floor)

To make appointments to use the club room (VEC 524) during the academic school year (Fall and Spring semesters only), please contact the Tool Master via email found under the officer page at

We also have tools, equipment, and components available to use that you may need for your class/personal projects!

Calling All Freshmen and Sophomores

Do you feel like you do not know enough about electrical engineering? Don’t hesitate to join. We have programs specially designed for beginners. Everyone has to start somewhere. In particular, our FREE/ SophEE programs are led by upper-division engineering students who seek to help first and second-year students receive hands-on experience with electrical components. FREE and SophEE are semester-long freshmen and sophomore programs organized by students to teach essential skills required for classes, work on fun projects and meet fellow electrical engineers in your class year.

Contact Information

Mailing Address:

1250 N. Bellflower Boulevard, USU BOX 171

Long Beach, CA 90840



Western USA- Region 6


Coastal Los Angeles Section