Competition Title: “Humanitarian R&A Contest”
Level: College (Undergraduate/Graduate)
Competition Description:
Teams of 2-4 students will present a humanitarian robotics and automation (R&A) project idea to a panel of judges. The project idea must be to solve a humanitarian issue in a local community. Winner will receive seed funding for developing the project.

Separate Registration is Required! (Opening Soon)

Competition Title: “Robofest Humanitarian Exhibition”
Level: K-12 (7th-12th Grade)
Competition Description:
Teams of 2-5 students (7th-12th grades) will exhibit a humanitarian robotics and automation (R&A) project using robotics kits (LEGO MINDSTORMS, TETRIX, VEX, etc.). The project objective must be to tackle and solve a humanitarian problem across the globe. Prizes will be awarded to first, second, and third places.
Important Links:
Robofest Exhibition - Registration (Open!)
Robofest Exhibition - Rules
Robofest Exhibition - Resources
Robofest Exhibition - Previous Years

Separate Registration is Required!