HTD 2017

Engineering innovation is usually recognized as a new product or as discovering state-of-the-art methods. Another fundamental element for advancing engineering endeavors is the social innovation which promotes engineering creativity and sustainable solutions. Humanitarian engineering offers the opportunity for applying engineering expertise to impact social outcomes, but its success is highly dependable on shared engineering knowledge, professional collaboration, and inspiration from strong leaders.

The Humanitarian Technology Day will discuss several humanitarian challenges and potential solutions to them using diverse engineering backgrounds for better living. This conference, organized by students for students, will bring together specialists, entrepreneurs, and non-profit organization officials from different IEEE Regions to discuss the current and emerging humanitarian issues across the globe. This event not only promotes humanitarian awareness in our local community, but it also will train students on how to build strategies for identifying humanitarian problems, and designing and implementing solutions in their region. It has the support of IEEE Robotics and Automation Society and IEEE RAS-SIGHT group.

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MSU Union Building

49 Abbot Rd.

East Lansing, MI 48824


  • Albert Avenue Parking Lot 1 in downtown East Lansing, directly behind the storefronts across Grand River Avenue from the Union. Click the link for a map and directions. When you park there, you will get a ticket out of the machine. Parking costs $1 for each half hour. This location has a parking lot attendant.
  • MSU’s Ramp 6, which has access from Grand River Avenue or East Circle Drive. Visitor parking is available in designated “Pay by Plate” parking spaces, using the “Pay by Plate” kiosks. Parking in a space not designated as “Pay by Plate” parking may result in a parking violation.