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Apple Car Play and Android Auto


Apple Car Play and Android Auto are systems that take the smartphone OS and run it through your car’s console. The smartphone is then linked to your car to operate navigation systems, access your calendar, take phone calls or listen to music through a touch screen pad that mirrors the phone’s interface. The biggest benefit should be to decrease driver distraction from the use of a handheld phone. The biggest  drawback is that these systems lockout the other features you normally use through the console like climate control and safety cameras. Apple Car Play and Android Auto are now supported by about 40 car makers all competing alongside Google and Apple for the most user friendly features. The 2016 models compatible with these smartphone capabilities will be  available for purchase by the end of the year. New apps are rapidly becoming available for interoperability. Apps such as auto performance, hybrid efficiency, collision detection and more. “Consumers expect their favorite smartphone environment and connected lives—contacts, music, social media, apps—to follow them wherever they go.”

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