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IEEE in 2030 Challenge Seeks Proposals for Innovative Projects


IEEE has launched the IEEE in 2030 Challenge with the goal of finding innovative, creative, and potentially disruptive approaches that will help engineers and technical professionals working in industry. The IEEE New Initiatives Committee will be awarding small seed grants of US$40,000 or less to those projects that are selected.

IEEE is always looking for ways to better serve the needs of engineers and technology professionals working in industry. That’s why the IEEE in 2030 Challenge was created. The IEEE New Initiatives Committee is currently accepting proposals for short-term (completed in 12 months or fewer) projects.

Applications are to be submitted by one or more IEEE members or organizational units, individually or in cooperation with an IEEE staff group. The proposals will be based on their potential to lead to new IEEE products, services and communities, and have a significant impact on the overall organization.

The deadline for receiving proposals is 1 p.m. EDT on 24 August 2015. Notification of the proposals acceptance or rejection will be made on 6 October, IEEE Day.

The IEEE Oregon Section is participating as one unit. If you are interested in working with us or have a great idea that directly addresses the strategic needs of IEEE we want to hear from you.

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