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IEEE Rock Stars of Cyber-security Conference in Seattle


What Do Google, Adobe, Intel Health and Life Sciences, and PayPal Know About Cyber-security That You Need to Know?

“Lots!  The attackers have gotten more sophisticated. No company or person is safe. The only way to protect your organization and your personal data in 2016 is with a strong Cyber-security solution. At Rock Stars of Cyber-security, we’ve brought together the real leaders in this critical technology – Google, Adobe, PayPal, Intel Health and Life Sciences, and others – to talk about the trends, cyber-security programs and advice on how you can develop real-world security solutions that work for your organization – and that don’t disrupt your operations.”

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On September 13, 2016 Oregon Tech students will be attending the IEEE Conference: Rock Stars of Cyber-security/Threats and Counter Measures in Seattle, WA. If you are a registered student in the Information Technology program and are interested in participating please email our Director Professor Kris Rosenberg at

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