IEEE Oregon Tech – Wilsonville Branch



IEEE Oregon Section supports Oregon Tech students and through it’s Student Activities Committee has made available to you the purchase of the required EERE Student Base Components kit.

The cost for the sponsored kit is $100 for IEEE non-members and $90 for IEEE members (you can save up to $30 on shipping costs).

Kits are designed by the EERE Department of Oregon Tech and used in classes taught by Prof. Allan Douglas. It is on a first-come-first-serve basis (we have only 12 kits available), so don’t spend time putting together orders through the 4 different vendors. The first 3 kits sold will get additional IEEE swag. We have only 10 kits available through the IEEE Oregon Section website, where you can use Pay Pal. If you prefer use cash, please let us know.

Click here to purchase your kit and it will be available on the first week of classes on campus.

This is the base kit for the Circuits (EE221, EE223, EE225) and Electronic (EE321, EE323) course sequences. Kits are designed by the EERE Department of Oregon Tech and used for class labs. To Order click on the Registration tab.

For more information please email

Should you want to become an IEEE member to access the additional discount to members, click here.


Kit contains:


Wire Jumper Kit

Resistor Kit – 1/4W (500 total)


Potentiometer Finger-turn 10K OHM

22 AWG solid Black 25′ wire

22 AWG solid Red 25′ wire

Mini Slider Switch

Potentiometer 0.5 WATT, 100K OHM

Potentiometer 0.5 WATT, 1K OHM

Op-Amps – general purpose

Small-signal diodes, 1N4004

NPN Transistor Array

Diode Zener Single 3.3 Volt 5% 500mW

Diode Zener Single 5.1 Volt 5% 500mW

9V Battery Snap

Incandescent Lamp 28V, 0.024A

Inductor, 10 mH

Inductor, 100 mH

Capacitor Component Kit