Past Events

The 2019-2020 school year was one of our most successful and productive in recent history.  Here are some of the events that we hosted.
Machine Learning Class(Winter 2020):

This 8-week mini-class introduced students to the fundamental principles of machine learning and then built upward to advanced concepts with extensive use of practical, real-life examples and hands-on coding and development of ML models and algorithms.  This event was open to students in engineering, mathematics, and computer science.  Over 35 students participated in the class.

Matlab and Simulink Seminars(Fall 2019 & Winter 2020):

Every semester our student branch hosts two-day seminars that cover the basics of Matlab and Simulink as well as more advanced topics to better prepare students.  The seminars are free to students and are taught by one of our senior EE faculty.  Typically 20-25 students attend each session.

Technology and Careers in Cybersecurity(Fall 2019):

We hosted Prof. Mingyan Liu, chair of electrical and computer engineering at UM-Ann Arbor, for a talk on recent advancements in cybersecurity.  Prof. Liu also discussed some of the research ongoing at UM-Ann Arbor and career opportunities for students interested in the field.

IEEE Student Branch UM – Dearborn, 4901 Evergreen Rd., Dearborn, MI 48128