Engineering at UNCA


Our mission is to provide opportunities for all UNCA student members to engage in Mechatronic and other types of engineering activities.  These activities include Saturday Skill Shares, robotics competitions, fun meetings, events such as Career Night., etc.  Along with participating in fun learning activities, members have the chance to attend Western NC IEEE events and are given an endless list of job/intern searching resources.

What Engineering Programs are Offered at UNCA?

UNC Asheville students who choose to go into engineering have a choice between two pathways.  There is, what is referred to as, the 2+2 Program and the Mechatronics Program. Both are taught through NC State and UNC Asheville.

Students who choose the 2+2 Program generally seek an individual career in either civil, aerospace, environmental, industrial, mechanical, material, or structural engineering.  They will spend two years at UNCA, furthering their engineering education in a liberal arts institution, and two years at NC State to finish the rest of their degree.

Students who choose to participate in the Mechatronics program generally are interested in the more technical areas of engineering such as electrical and computer engineering.  However, the beauty of this program is that students have a chance to broaden their education in the engineering world while taking classes at a liberal arts institution.  Mechatronics is a combination of electrical, mechanical and computer engineering.  So basically, Mechatronics graduates receive three degrees in one.  All four years of undergrad classes are taken via Engineering Online Education (EOL) at the UNCA campus in Asheville.  Most classes are taught by NC State professors.

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