Welcome to the IEEE North Tech-SAS 2021 Social Event!

As part of our virtual event this year we are hosting a social mixer on the Hubs 3D Environment, allowing participants to interact virtually via avatars. This intuitive platform is hosted by Mozilla and enables users to walk around the event hall, visit sponsor rooms, and speak with other attendees within the Hubs 3D Environment. The social mixer will include fun activites such as a scavenger hunt, a maze, and sponsered rooms for supporters of our event this year.

Click the button above to access the Hubs 3D Environment.

Hubs Quick Start Guide

  • If you are experiencing any issues or technical difficulties within the Hubs 3D Environment
    • Refresh your browser
  • To change your name and avatar
    • Click on ‘More’ on the bottom panel to the right
    • Click on ‘Change Name & Avatar’
  • To use the chat feature
    • Click on ‘Chat’ on the bottom panel
  • To change the volume of specific avatars or media
    • Hover your mouse over the user
    • Hold the Space key icons will appear
    • The +/- will increment the volume
  • To move between rooms
    • Hover your mouse over the picture on the door
    • Click ‘Visit Room’ or ‘Open Link’
  • To get a personal view of the presentation
    • Right click the presentation screen