Jack A. Bailey

Nuclear Industry Executive


New Small Modular and Advanced Reactor Development

Monday, February 27, 2023 at 11:30am. Discovery Park Building, B242

Former Nuclear Industry Executive and current SMR Consultant Jack A. Bailey visits UNT for a lecture entitled “New Small Modular and Advanced Reactor Development” as part of the North Tech-SAS Lecture Series.


Partly in response to the need to develop more carbon-free, reliable, and affordable energy there is considerable activity underway to bring small modular reactors (SMRs) and advanced reactors to market. Large reactor projects have proven to be overly complex and costly and innovations in SMR and advanced reactor designs are aiming to improve upon the large reactor overall historical success with improved and innovative solutions. The presentation will discuss how SMRs and advanced reactors are addressing four specific areas related to traditional reactor nuclear technology; safety, waste, cost, and integration into an electric grid with non-dispatchable renewable energy. Five different SMR and advanced reactor designs, out of the dozens that are under some phase of research, design, and development, will be highlighted along with the ways that they improve upon current technology as well as the basic differences between each technology type. The presentation will conclude with some thoughts on whether these new reactors are in fact going to proliferate in the U.S. or around the world.


  • 37 years commercial nuclear experience with both utilities
    and small modular reactor developers
  • From May 2014 until February 2019, worked for NuScale
    Power (SMR) responsible for North America business
  • From August 2012 until April 2014, worked with Generation
    mPower (SMR) supporting North America project and
    business development
  • From 1997-2012 worked for Tennessee Valley Authority
    (TVA). Responsible for TVA’s New Nuclear development
    efforts until 2012, including AP1000 and SMR efforts
  • Prior to heading up new nuclear development, ran TVA’s
    Power Supply Planning Group and prior to that was the TVA’s
    VP of Nuclear Engineering and Technical Services
  • From 1989-1997 held various positions at Arizona Public
    Service’s Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station
    including VP of Engineering and VP of Technical Support
  • From 1982-1989 held various positions at Virginia Power’s
    Surry Nuclear Plant, the last one being the Superintendent
    of Operations
  • Prior Officer in the Nuclear Navy