Undergraduate Level

1st Place – Meesha Gupta

2nd Place – Charles Cook, Zac Poorman & Lindsey Greene

3rd Place – Dustin Akins, Jacob Daniels & Sydney Le

Graduate Level

1st Place – Garrett Cayce

2nd Place – Matthew Carroll, Rui Wu & Jinkun Lee

3rd Place – Dong Xie


1st Place – $400

2nd Place – $250

3rd Place – $100

(Undergraduates and graduates will be awarded separately.)


General Information

  1. The competition is free to enter and completely virtual.
  2. Topics are open to all fields of engineering.
  3. Participation in the competition does not exclude eligibility to compete for any other conference.
  4. Students may compete individually or in teams of up to 4.
  5. Undergraduates and graduates will be judged separately. If competing in a mixed team, consisting of both undergraduates and graduates, the team must compete at the graduate level.
  6. Acceptance notifications will be sent Monday, February 15th, 2021.
  7. Awards will be presented Saturday, February 27th, 2021.


Rules and Guidelines

  1. Abstracts must be 500 words or fewer and submitted using the above submission link by Friday, February 12th, 2021.
  2. At least one member must virtually attend to present during the allotted time.
  3. Participants, whose abstracts are accepted, must register for the North Tech-SAS (Students Advancing Society) Summit in order to present.
  4. Participants must prepare a presentation in ppt, pptx, otp, odp, or similar format. Participants will be asked to share screen.
  5. Participants will present for 10 minutes (MAX) and answer questions for 5 minutes (MAX). If the presentation runs over the allotted time, participants will be asked to stop and proceed to answering questions.


For questions, please email