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At a time when social distancing has reduced STEM outreach and engineering student research opportunities, the IEEE UNT Student Branch is proud to rise to the challenge in its second annual, and first-ever virtual, North Tech-SAS summit.

As a sponsor, your contribution enables us to craft a virtual experience that safely brings together aspiring engineering students, current students and practitioners. Crucially, your sponsorship helps ensure that we can provide the following events free of charge.

The Future Innovators Workshop

North Tech-SAS is committed to nurturing interest in engineering studies among K-12 students. To this end, the Future Innovators Workshop will enroll up to 100 children in an exploration of basic electronic engineering concepts tutored by members of the IEEE UNT Student Branch. Ahead of time, each participant will receive a free custom microcontroller toolset designed, documented and tested by the event organizers. 

Participants can engage in one of three workshop levels, in order of increasing complexity, making the event accessible to children of all ages.

HKN Lambda Zeta Student Poster Competition

One goal of North Tech-SAS is to celebrate student research in all fields of engineering. Contestants will enter either the undergraduate or graduate section of the competition, make a short video presentation of their research project. Judges selected from industry and academia will award cash prizes to the top three undergraduate and undergraduate entries.

To ensure that the public at large can attend the competition, presentations will be broadcast in the  North Tech-SAS virtual conference environment.

Individual Donations

We would like to thank the following individual donors:

  • Shengli Fu
  • Nathan Collins
  • Arthur Depoian
  • Colleen Bailey
  • Miguel Rivera

and all of our anonymous donors!