SoutheastCon is a yearly conference hosted by IEEE national. Competitions are held during this event and students are welcome to participate in any of them. For the latest information on the conference please check the
official SoutheastCon site.


Technical Paper Competition

Research a topic of interest and submit a technical paper that follows IEEE standards. The competition will consist of the paper and an oral presentation. Top three papers will receive monetary prizes.


All authors must be student members of IEEE in Region 3 at the time that the entry is submitted. All authors must be undergraduates at the time the paper is presented at SoutheastCon. Multiple authors are permitted up to a limit of three. All finalists presenting at SoutheastCon must be registered for the conference.

Cash prizes for the IEEE Region 3 Student Paper Competition, provided by the IEEE Life Members Fund, are as follows:
First Place – $800.00
Second Place – $500.00
Third Place – $200.00


Software Competition

Form a team of three and solve programming challenges during a three hour time frame.


T-Shirt Competition

If you are a creative person this competition is for you! The student branch T-shirt or lab coat design must include the IEEE logo, and must have the school name and/or SoutheastCon 2015 incorporated into the design.


Hardware Competition

The challenge of this competition is to design a robot that moves autonomously around a predetermined track, analyzing different electrical signals and making decisions based on them. The task the robot must accomplish changes every year.