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Becoming a volunteer or an officer is the number one way you can join the team. In becoming an officer you will help plan events, organize projects, fundraise for the IEEE Electronics and Engineering organization and more! Interested candidates should contact the IEEE USF Chair for details. Great minds think alike so fresh ideas are always welcome.

One of our biggest campus events is our engineering expo which is open to the public and gives people of all ages the opportunity to explore the world of engineering. If you have never encountered a water spraying robots or cool Chemistry explosions? If not, you’re missing out. Remember this only happens once a year so read further for your chance to experience it all.


Join one of our groups!

We have four main groups through IEEE that anyone can join!


Interested in getting involved with robotics? Join our weekly club and learn how to code an autonomous rover!

SoutheastCon 2019

Join our SoutheastCon team, help them build a robot, and compete in the 2019 competition.


Want to build and race a car in Electrathon? Stop by our Friday meetings to check it out.

Mentorship Program

The mentorship program is perfect for anyone who wants to get involved or lend a helping hand to a fellow engineering student.