We have a lot of ongoing projects this semester. We want to invite you to join us in designing and building with us. We are a mixture of various engineering disciplines including Electrical, Computer, and Mechanical Engineers and Computer Science disciplines. Our knowledge is made up of different skill levels and we all work and learn together as well. Come join us!


Robotics Project

When:  Check IEEE USF Calendar

     The purpose of the USF Robotics Division is to create an environment where students of any major can learn the basics of robotics, both through hardware and software applications. With this new found knowledge, we plan on designing and building complex robots while gaining valuable experiences working in a team.

Our initial goals are to help educate our members on the design, build and programming process of autonomous rovers to complete minor tasks. We then hope to move forward into highly advanced robotics that require programming and design techniques that encompass a variety of difficult tasks.

We are currently in the process of designing and building a robot that will compete in next year’s Southeastcon event, and are looking forward to working on even larger projects in the future.

Previous years:

Electrathon Race team

Electrathon is a national competition where teams compete in a 1 hour race of endurance where teams have a limited amount of battery power. Teams must use the STEM ideals in the heat of a race day to solve problems and compete with other teams to get their cars on the podium. Electrathon of Tampa bay hosts a race each month, and all spectators and their families are welcome to come and watch at no charge!

When:  Check IEEE USF Calendar 

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