Mentorship Program

On behalf of the IEEE UTEP Chapter, we hope your first month back has been a pleasant one. We’ve designed a mentorship program to support underclassmen throughout this semester. We seek both mentees and mentors to participate.

For mentees, this includes development in the following areas:

Academic: scheduling, studying, tutoring, research

Professional: career planning, …


Go to this link for more information on the Honor Society for Electrical Engineers at UTEP:

IEEE Lounge Discord Server

Hello members!Hope you all are excited to come back to in-person classes! Make sure to stay up to date with any ongoing IEEE activities by joining our Discord server. Join today to receive special benefits such as receiving the latest information regarding events/workshops planned and being …

IEEE HKN Discord Server

Hello members,
Hope you all had an excellent Career Fair week!
In collaboration with HKN, we would like to invite you all to our Discord server. This will serve as the Virtual IEEE Lounge during these unprecedented times. Join today to receive special benefits such as receiving information regarding events/workshops and being able to …