Areas We Need Support

We are currently inviting Seneca students who would like to join our team and support us with our Workshops, Website design and maintenance, Recruitment, Event Planning and Social Media!

Do not worry about having experience, we will train you! 

If interested, please let us know by email!

Office: A4063


We are always looking to update and renew our workshop material. If you have expertise or interest in a certain area, this is an area that you can strive in! Workshop material currently available are Arudino, 3d Printing, Raspberry Pi and IOT using ESP 8266. You can either look to update what we have or create your own!

Web Designing

We are always looking for ways to improve and re-innovate our Website. If you have experience or have an interest in using WordPress to help develop and maintain our website, we welcome you and your ideas!


We consistently look for ways to gain more members to join us on our exciting journey! If you have interest in helping us grow in number which in turn will help in future event development please feel free to contact us! We welcome any strategies and support!

Event Planning

We welcome anyone who has an interest in planning our workshops which include prepping materials, finding locations and setting up dates. This could also include any future event development, we welcome any ideas and support!

Social Media

If you have an interest in social media such as Facebook, Instagram or others. We welcome your time and support in developing those platforms for us! We currently have a Facebook group but are always looking to diversify!