University of Manitoba Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Student Branch (UMIEEE) is a non profit organization managed by a team of dedicated student volunteers. Our mission is to provide students with the space and equipment necessary to maximize learning opportunities and enhance education. UMIEEE provides a laboratory environment congruent to the Electrical and Computer Engineering labs operated by the University of Manitoba, enabling students to expand their knowledge outside of the classroom. Furthermore, UMIEEE offers a generous lounge space for students to work, socialize, and relax.

UMIEEE strives to engage students through workshops and networking events, which allow students to enrich their knowledge and develop their professional communication skills. Each academic year we host a handful of technical workshops about the Arduino and Raspberry Pi embedded devices, as well as the typesetting language LaTeX. We also host multiple networking events each semester in which professional engineers practicing electrical and computer engineering are invited to speak about their careers and industries. Students are given the opportunity to ask questions and speak to these professionals, and in doing so, develop their professional communication skills and gain a richer understanding of industry jobs and opportunities. These technical workshops and networking events give students the opportunity to learn from their peers and communicate directly with employers from industry.

UMIEEE intends to continue to upgrade our equipment and facilities and to strengthen relationships between the student body and industry, to offer students the best opportunities for learning and professional development. Our success would not be possible without the contributions of our generous sponsors.


UMIEEE thanks our sponsors for their continued support in funding specialized equipment and workspace materials used by UMIEEE members: