Membership Benefits

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Professional Connections

Networking opportunities with leading engineers in your field of interest. Attend a great amount of congresses, seminaries, and events at the national and international level.

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Contact Network

Collaborate with fellow members of IEEE to create a support group for your profession and projects. You will become part of the largest IEEE Student Branch in Colombia and the ninth largest in Latin America.

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Standard Development

Submerge yourself into the development of standards, contributing with your experience to creating norms that promote quality and efficiency in our industry.

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Community of Engineers

Join the largest community of engineers and technicians in the world, made up of more than 420,000 professionals united by the goal of learning, interacting, collaborating, and innovating continuously.

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You will count on the guidance of professionals to give you specialized counseling and a valuable, practical perspective to confidently propel your professional development.

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Explore Knowledge

Gain access to the largest library of technical literature about electric, informatics, and electronic engineering, as well as access to the latest trends in technology, news about the industry, and events.

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Access the scientific library IEEE Xplore. Access IEEE Spectrum, where you will find the latest updates on technology, multiple scientific digital magazines and Webinars in your field of interest.