On Sunday September 17th, we have organised an opening celebration for our new IEEE student branch, at the opening session Dr. M Salah Khalil (AIT SB Counselor), Dr. Mohamed El Banna (Alex. Univ. SB Counselor) and Dr. Roushdy Abdel Rassol (AAST SB Counselor) gave a speech. After the opening session there was a session about team work by Mr. Adel Mahmoud and then a MEMS technologies seminar by Eng. Khaled Hussein followed by a Biomedical Engineering Seminar by Dr. Abdel Munem Abdel Bary, at last there was a small session about IEEE by Eng. Mona Ibrahim (AIT SB Mentor), Student Branch Activities and our activities at the last three months by Mohamed El Sobky (AIT SB Secretary), WIE by Sara El Kady (AAST WIE Chair).
• Attendance:
• 48 Students
• 11 Instructors
- Eng. Ahmed Fouad - Eng. Ahmed El Komy - Eng. Ahmed El Torgoman - Eng. Mohamed Mostafa Azmy - Eng. Nourhan - Eng. Olla - Eng. Rola Samir - Eng. Khaled Hussein - Miss. Mahinaz Mahmoud - Eng. Ahmed ghazy - Eng. Mahmoud Rabee
7 Professors
- Dr. M. Salah Khalil (AIT Vice dean, AIT SB Counselor) - Prof. Dr. Roshdy Abd El Rassol (AAST SB Counselor) - Dr. Mohamed El Banna (Alex SB Counselor) - Dr. Abdel Monem Abdel Bary - Dr. Abbas Amin - Dr. Ahmed Lotfy (teaching at AAST) - Dr. Mohamed Abdel Aziz • The IEEE officers of Alex. Univ. and AAST (10)