The Branch Scientific Visits before 2013

We participated in the EED2006  (August 4-7, 2006), held by IEEE Egypt gold In “Cairo International conference center” in attendance of Dr. Tarek Kamel (The Communications minister)

  • Participant: Mohamed Adel Mahmoud (Student Branch Chair.),  Mohamed Mustafa El Sobky (Student Branch Secretary)

  • On August 7, 2006 we arranged a trip to the EED, total number was 27.

  • Attendance: 23 Students and 4 Instructors (Eng. Khaled Hussein, Eng. Mazen Faitar, Eng. Ahmed Ghazy, Eng. Mona Ibrahim )

On August 20, we visited Bahgat group (PCB factory, TV Factory) . Bahgat Group is a group of companies in Egypt that manufacture electronics, household appliances, furniture, and medical equipment. It is also involved in entertainment and real estate development.  The Attendance was 21 students

We participated in the Leading your Career Leading your Society 2006 organization (September 1-7, 2006), event held by AAST branch, focusing on how to get your self the best job chance.

  • Participant: Mohamed Mustafa El Sobky (Student Branch Secretary)

  • Total number of Attendance: more than 300.

  • Number of AIT Students: 30 students.

  • attendance : 28 person all of them student in 2nd and 3rd year ,with 3 different departments (computer, electronics & communication and mechatronics)

  • We participated in the EED competition by two teams both in the field of electronics and communication. Project of fist team was “An Intelligent Security system Using Integrated Person Identification Techniques And Artificial Neural Networks” and the second team was “Analysis & Design of Microwave filter using microstrip technology”

The Egyptian Engineering Day technical event is one of the rare events in which industry meets university, as it holds a fair in which graduates exhibit their graduation projects, and a series of technical seminars given by people enrolled in the industry. The event is mainly sponsored by many of the large scale communication companies in Egypt, and was organized by the Egypt GOLD Section.

  • attendance : 34 person, 30 student and 4 instructors   

  • We participated in this big event by two teams both in the field of electronics and communication. The first project was “Image processing for secure multimedia communications” and the second “Mine detection robot”

Nilesat is an Egyptian company and the name of a series of Egyptian communications satellites. It was established in 1996 with the purpose of operating Egyptian satellites and their associated ground control station and uplinking facilities

Which was a 2 day ceremony organized by Alex. Univ. SB with co-operation with Bibliotheca Alexandrina and the IEEE GOLD, and was recorded as the 2nd largest IEEE event in Egypt after the EED. On first day, a series of technical seminars concerning  Applications in Modern Signal processing techniques in Multimedia Communication systems , robotics, WLANs and automatic speech recognition were held, as on the second day a series of soft-skills seminars were held concerning working ethics, how to be effective communicator and building a person’s charisma.

  • We attend this event with 27 student and 5 instructors

This focused about the know-how of robotics, and the real life problems that meet people working in this field, and in electronics in general.

  • We attend this event with 6 student and  3 graduated student