As you might have seen already on our social media, we are very excited to announce our Cork IEEE Scavenger Hunt taking place from the 20th of September to the 1st of October!  

We have seven exciting routes planned that will take you around to various sights in the city centre and help you to get to know Cork or remind you of some of the great places to see. We will release the first clue to each route over the two weeks to give you the best chance to do the route in your own time.  

As part of the scavenger hunt, we’re hosting a photo competition and the best photo taken and submitted to us either via Instagram by tagging @corkieeestudentbranch or to our email 

The scavenger hunt is open to everyone, so grab your friends or your family, take a walk around the city following our clues and maybe even learn something new!  

You can sign up using the form below.

To get everyone warmed up, we have released some tricky riddles on our social media that hint at some of the different locations included in the hunt. Come take a look and let us know your guess 😊 

Your IEEE Student Branch